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The Design Process

My design process is organic in nature. Something catches my eye – a stone, fossil, antique store find, or component made by another artist. With the focal on the mat, I rummage through my supplies, trying various items and beads, until something clicks and I can start work. I may hold on to a stone for months or years before the muse hits, or, in the case of the Blue Forest petrified wood necklace below, the inspiration may be immediate. I have found that if I force the creative process, inevitably I’m unhappy with the finished design.

Finding the right materials

Some things initially considered as options did not end up in the finished piece.  I wanted a branch, but not the one in my stash.

Working on the pieces

At this point I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish the pendant, so I worked on the rope for a bit.

Selecting components

The branches were a pin from an antique store. I cut off the shank, and used it as the connector between pendant and rope.

Finished: “Pacific Woods”

Blue Forest petrified wood, bead embroidered and suspended from a beaded rope.

Black Fossilized Coral collar