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Necklaces and Collars

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Lapis Lazuli and Dyed Jade Necklace

This bead embroidered necklace starts with a gorgeous Lapis Lazuli focal stone.  Rhinestone and metal accents brighten the borders and tie the colors in with the herringbone spiral cord.  All embroidery and the cord is done with thousands of tiny glass seed beads, each stitched 1-4 at a time.  The focal is backed in a suede-type material for comfort.

1 available, $125 USD

Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful blue rock containing lazurite, calcite and pyrite.  This pendant is bead embroidered with dyed jade rounds, metal accents and glass seed beads.  It's suspended from a neck cord stitched by hand with glass seed beads.  The pendant is backed in a suede-type material for comfort.

1 available, $125 USD

Beach Walk

The Hitchhiker

Designed to conjure up memories of walking on a beach.  The bead embroidered base is in shades of Caribbean blue and golden sand.  Layered on that are shells and mother-of-pearl, with a focus on the Turbo Sarmaticus shell in the middle.  This is the common name the South African turban, a species of sea snail found off the south coast of South Africa.  The branches of green seed beads represent seaweed and kelp.  The collar is backed in a suede-type material for comfort.

1 available, $425 USD

This starts with a vintage turtle and shell pin found at an antique store, which is paired with a shell focal.  The piece is embroidered with freshwater pearls, Aquamarine chips, and metal accents.  The underlying design is that of a whale or fish tail, with subtle color differences in the glass beads in organic stripes.  The necklace is finished with shell discs and Kyanite rounds.  It's finished with a suede-type material for comfort.

1 available, $325 USD